The Hileman's

June 2013

Corey, her husband Denny and their son Michael are rookie's when it comes to houseboating.  They have owned several runabouts and started boating about 20 years ago.  We loved it and last summer decided to find something we could stay on and enjoy.  We found the perfect boat but that one didn't quite make it to the lake; do to an unfortunate accident where it hit a guardrail on the way home.  So the search was on again and we found "Squeeze My Lime" a 14' Somerset.  Squeeze My Lime was the name the previous owner had. We decided to leave it that because we heard it was bad luck to change a name. The boat that never made it we changed everything: the name, the port etc. and we all know what happened to that boat. We had seen this houseboat before but thought it was too old. We checked it out and although it was a 1982, it was perfect inside and out.  Squeeze my lime has many great features including the interior which is all customized with navy blue and cream colors.  The interior is all finished and updated to look as if it were brand new. It has a swim platform on the back, a bar, and plenty of storage areas that helps keep things organized which are some of Corey's favorite features.  The central air system is a quiet cooling system which is a plus.  It has a diesel engine and diesel generator and is very efficient when it comes to operating.

We all enjoy the coves at Conley Bottom on Lake Cumberland, and the dock life.  The people we have met have been so great, especially the people we bought our boat from.  They are our neighbors at the dock and have been very helpful in answering all our questions, and helping whenever.

When we are all at the lake Denny is the cook.  Corey prepares the meals before they leave and Denny does all the grilling.  Michael loves the fact that he can get out of the sun when he wants, and he has his own room which includes bunk beds.   

We live north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our trip takes us about four and a half hours, which isn't too bad a drive.  We look forward to every trip and have so far been able to make that trip about every other weekend.  "Denny, Michael, and I have had a great summer with our houseboat so far, and I am sure this is just the beginning," Corey comments.

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