Top 10 Best Houseboating Lakes in the United States

August 2014 Feature Web Exclusive

We recently asked our Facebook friends to tell us what lakes they wanted to see in our magazine coming up in 2015. We’ve used the input they gave us to construct this top ten list on the BEST HOUSEBOATING LAKES IN AMERICA (per Houseboat Magazine’s Facebook page). We had over 80 lakes nominated and here are the ten that made the final cut. We have to keep narrowing it down though. Out of these ten, we need to pick five to cover in Houseboat magazine in 2015. You can vote for your favorites on Facebook.

10. Green River Lake

9. Smith Mountain Lake

8. Table Rock Lake

7. St. Johns River

6. Lake Lanier

5. Shasta Lake

4. Lake Powell

3. Lake Oauchita

2. Lake Cumberland

And the number one houseboating lake as voted on by our friends on Facebook.


Head over to our Facebook page to start voting! Each like counts as a vote. Each comment counts as a vote. Each share counts as a vote. So each person can vote THREE times to tell us which lakes to feature in 2015. 

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