Top 10 Reasons Houseboating is the Best

August 2014 Feature Katie Burke Web Exclusive

There are a lot of reasons we love houseboating. I'm sure that if we all got together, we could probably come up with a list of 1,000 reasons we love what we do. Yes, we all know that it's a lot of work as well as fun. But for the sake of trying to narrow it down, here is the top ten list of why owning a houseboat is worth the money. 

10. Your houseboat is a boat and a home. All in one.

9. Incredible views and sunsets aren't hard to find. 

8. Most likely, your dock neighbors will become like family.

7. Not working out? You can always change your neighbors.

6. It’s relaxing. Almost all the time.

5. You can wake up and already be at your favorite fishing hole.

4. It’s the perfect place to bond with your family.

3. No yard work. Ever. Booyah.

2. You'll never have trouble falling asleep. 

1. Everything you need is in one place. 

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