Houseboating At North Myrtle Beach

November 2014 Web Exclusive

Another liveaboard houseboater was converted at North Myrtle Beach, according to The Sun News. Anitta Martin decided to rent out her six-bedroom house and set up base on a 41-foot houseboat named Hotel California. Living in the water at Dock Holiday’s Marina, Anitta says, "Now, to me, it's not about having things. It's more important having peace of mind."

Peace of mind is one thing in large supply onboard a houseboat. "You rock like a baby in a cradle," Anitta says.

The houseboat lifestyle first called to her when she and her first husband bought a 60-foot boat they kept on North Carolina's Kerr Lake. With her artist’s flair, Anitta even added a bedroom dance floor. This houseboat experience resonated within her through the years until her recent living arrangements were finally turned upside down following an epiphany—she realized that she worried too much and chose to have faith that God would take care of her.

Having grown up roaming places, Anitta jokes, "I've got gypsy in my blood." Perhaps that’s part of why the siren call of houseboating is so strong for her, as there’s no easier way to live a roaming lifestyle than to station yourself on a boat that moves with the water.

Nowadays she’s settled into showing her artistic side, working with her fellow artist Ruth Cox to transform Hotel California. Ruth painted the houseboat’s outside to look like blue shingles found on a Cape Cod-style cottage. Window boxes, a blue settee, hanging beads and two potted palm trees add to the easy-going California-esque atsmosphere. Anitta and Hotel California were even featured on HGTV's "You Live in What?" previous to the redecorations.

Anitta had at one time owned her own business and was a decorator/designer. As such, she’s been inside a lot of big houses, but despite their beauty, she’s no longer interested a bit.

One of her friends, living in a large house with a view of the canal, can look down at Anitta’s simple houseboating lifestyle and envy her friend. But Anitta says she can look back and not envy her in the slightest.

With her original paintings adorning the walls and narrow wooden planks instead of the original ceiling tiles, Anitta has certainly made herself at home on the water.

Anitta says sometime she might like a larger houseboat (one where you could fit a dance floor in the bedroom), but her vow is stalwart—she will never, never ever go back to the “life of a landlubber.”

More was shared about Anitta’s experience! To read the whole article, click here.

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