Ten Water Games To Play In Spring

February 2015 Feature Web Exclusive

One of the greatest classics of all water games is Marco Polo. When we’re playing in the water and can’t think of a game, it’s pretty much the go-to. But there are a ton of other hilarious ideas you’ve probably never heard of that would be fun to play when you’re  struggling to be original. With a little adaptation, these ten awesome pool games are perfectly suited to swimming on the lake or at the beach while your houseboat is moored. Try these once spring hits—the only challenge is to not have too much fun!

Water Gun Tag 

This is especially fun when you’re moored and everyone can spread out on the beach: it’s exactly like tag except the chaser gets to use a water gun to catch the others! With cold squirts of water on the line, everyone is sure to run a little faster in this game. (www.parenting.com)

Pool Ping Pong 

A perfect game for the lake, all you need for this challenge are ping-pong balls and an inner tube. Set the inner tube afloat and throw the ping-pong balls loose in the water. Everyone has to jump in and chase after the ping-pong balls, then try to toss them into the tube. Just make sure to keep track of the balls! (www.parenting.com)

Noodle Joust 

I’m excited to try this one out! The players climb aboard a blow-up raft in the water, each armed with a pool noodle. The first one to knock the other off the raft wins! Play tournament-style where the winner is challenged by the next in line. Just don’t get too excited about whacking each other with noodles! (www.swimmingpool.com)

Pool Noodle Raft 

Who’s seen "Cast Away?" Maybe "Pirates of the Caribbean?" While these rafts aren’t made out of turtles and human back hair, they’ll do the job for playing castaway (with the bonus of not affecting a dry heave). Let the kids contribute when designing your raft and test how much weight it can hold and how big you can make it. Use rope or soft form wire to hold them together. (www.kidspot.com)

Belly Flop Contest 

Take this one with a grain of salt. I personally have conflicted feelings about knocking the air out of myself by landing face-first in water, but you know, I’m also kind of a baby. For those who aren’t belly flop fans, join me on the weenie side with good ol’ cannonball contests! Give ratings for the biggest splash and have the winner get a fun prize. (www.swimmingpool.com)

Wet Shirt Relay Race 

This is another fun one for playing on the beach while the houseboat is moored. Have everyone throw on swimsuits and divide into teams. Each team gets a shirt and a bucket of water (your mercy dictates how cold it is). At the whistle blow, the first person has to run to the bucket, soak the shirt, put it on, and run back to the team. There they take it off and hand it to the next player. The first team to have everyone finish the process wins! (www.kidspot.com)

Water Balloon Piñata 

A new twist that promises to be loads of fun, this version of piñata involves filling water balloons and hanging them with string. Each person gets a whack at popping a balloon piñata, and the prize is being rewarded with a rush of cool water! (www.kidspot.com)

King of the Tube

My personal favorite, this game has everyone divide in two teams, each with a champion. The champions sit in inner tubes while the rest of the teams go on the offense and try to tip the opposing champion into the water by only touching the tube. (www.ebay.com)

Piranha Ball 

For this game, everyone jumps into the water and holds hands in a big circle with a beach ball in the middle. If the beach ball touches you, you have to leave the circle. The idea is to blow on the beach ball or pull others into its path as it floats among you. No sneaking underwater or lowering your arms! You’ve got to face it like a man. (www.ebay.com)


This is a thrilling game! Pick a safe zone in the water where people will try to swim to. You can use the farthest part of the moored houseboat, buoys, or other visible marks. One person is “it” and stands on the beach with their back to the water. Everyone else lines up on the edge of the water and picks a color in their head. The tagger starts to call out colors one at a time, and if yours is chosen you have to quietly slip into the water and try to swim to the safe zone. As soon as the tagger hears a splash, they can jump in the water and start chasing the swimmers. The first swimmer to be tagged is “it” next. (www.swimmingpool.com)

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