What’s On Your Playlist?

March 2015 Brady L. Kay

Nothing sets the tone for a day on a houseboat like the choice of music. Some may feel Jimmy Buffett tunes are over-played, but you’ve got to admit the man sure knows how to put a smile on your face. In two songs or less he’ll have you feeling like you’re on a beach somewhere, regardless of your location.

At times our “favorite” songs become those we’ve learned to tolerate from others onboard where children and grandchildren seem to control the stereo. And of course if you happen to forget your own iPod or MP3 player you may be at the mercy of someone else’s selection. In that case you never know what’s going to come out of your top deck speakers.

Call it a guilty pleasure, but one of my favorite boating songs is All Summer Long by Kid Rock. I don’t know what it is about this tune, but it always puts me in a better mood. The thumping of the bass allows me to leave my worries at the dock and get my weekend started the right way. It’s an instant energy boost for me. I’d play it over and over if the rest of my crew would let me, but in fear of mutiny onboard I keep my music tastes in check for the most part.

But it’s not always about Margaritaville or finding a song that will rock the cove; there are a ton of great songs that just scream boating out there. In my search for the best boating tunes I went to www.DiscoverBoating.com, the recreational boating industry’s non-profit awareness program. I wanted to see if my favorite song cracked their top ten list. 

Discover Boating surveyed a network of boating experts and people who love life on the water to select some of the most popular songs about—and best enjoyed while—boating. Listed in alphabetical order by song title, here are Discover Boating’s top boating songs:

Knee Deep / Artist: Zac Brown Band

Redneck Yacht Club / Artist: Craig Morgan

Pontoon / Artist: Little Big Town

Come Sail Away / Artist: Styx

Southern Cross / Artist: Crosby, Stills & Nash

A Pirate Looks at Forty / Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Son of a Son of a Sailor / Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Sailing / Artist: Christopher Cross

Water / Artist: Brad Paisley

Soul of a Sailor / Artist: Kenny Chesney

Are you kidding me?! All Summer Long didn’t make the list? Honestly I wouldn’t call myself a Kid Rock fan, but I love this song and it should have made the list. Well at least one Buffett song made it and while there are a few that I like, I’d hardly call this the best of the best. Do your have a top ten list for houseboating songs? Post them on our Facebook page and let's compare notes. Don’t let me influence your vote, but All Summer Long needs to be at least an honorable mention. I’m not saying; I’m just saying.

Houseboat Staff Picks:

All Summer Long / artist: Kid Rock

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere / artist: Alan Jackson

Watermelon Crawl / artist: Tracy Byrd

Magic Carpet Ride / artist:  Steppenwolf

The Joker / artist: Steve Miller

Sweet Home Alabama / artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Red Solo Cup / artist: Toby Keith

Chattahoochee / artist: Alan Jackson

Guitars And Tiki Bars / artist: Kenny Chesney

Soak Up The Sun / artist: Sheryl Crow

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