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November 2015 Industry Web Exclusive


Are you casting around for ideas on powering your houseboat? RonandBee recently asked the folks on our forum page what experiences they’ve had with programmable generators. Here’s what they had to say:

RonandBee: I know the majority of RV's have an ECM (Electronic Control Module) where you can preset a certain voltage, say 11.5v, and when the batteries drop to that voltage the generator will kick on and charge the batteries. I've been thinking about adding this onto our boat. Does anyone have one installed on their boat, and if so, did you install it and how hard was it?

easttnboater: So, what happens if the generator does not start? Excessively cranking a marine generator with a water lift muffler can fill the muffler with water and eventually hydrolock the generator via the exhaust valves.

RonandBee: Hmmmm, good point. Maybe I'll just invest in a bow and stern thruster....hahaha

GoVols: Xantrex makes an inverter system that does just that. I've been told there's a lot of programming that ensures the gen won't hydrolock.

easttnboater: If it were a fuel injected generator, then I can see how it would be pretty easy. Adding the right sensors to an older carbed generator would seem to be the problem.

 Have any thoughts to add, or is a different question burning on the back of your mind? Jump on Houseboat magazine's forum page and post away!

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