Fun Facts About Lake Cumberland

January 2016

According to, here are ten fun things you might not know about the famous Lake Cumberland in Kentucky:

1. The reservoir ranks the ninth largest in the nation, with a capacity of roughly 1.9 trillion gallons.

2. At capacity, Lake Cumberland is vast enough to cover the entire state of Kentucky with 3 inches of water.

3. Originally planned from the 1920s, early construction of the dam that would create the lake was temporarily halted by World War II.

4. Lake Cumberland was first called “Wolf Creek Reservoir” (named after the original planned location for the dam).

5. Wolf Creek Dam is the 22nd largest dam in the United States.

6. Wolf Creek Dam has prevented more than $500,000,000 in flood damages for cities and communities downstream.

7. Lake Cumberland didn’t officially get its current name until 1954.

8. The shoreline of Lake Cumberland — at the theoretically maximum possible level of water — is 1,255 miles. Contrariwise, the coastline of Florida (not including islands) is 770 miles in length.

9. Over 4.7 million visitors spent 73,252,200 hours for recreation at Lake Cumberland in 1999.

10. During that year, they also added more than $152,395,044 to the local economy.


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