Cleaning for Holding Tanks

February 2016 Web Exclusive

Getting ready to tackle that holding tank? The folks at Nolan Bio Labs have some excellent advice on how to clean with all-natural products that are effective and environmentally friendly:

1. Fill your tank with clean water. Add ½ cup of baking soda to one gallon of water and mix it well. Pour this down the toilet and flush, or you can pour it down the pumpout port. If you can, try to rock your houseboat to agitate the tank. Pump out until the water runs clean. If your boat wasn't pumped out before and the storage and walls are discolored, fill the tank with water to cover the dark area in the tank and use one gallon of BacTANK T3 Holding Tank Extra Clean. Let this sit in your tank as long as possible (preferably two weeks; the longer the better) while you do other maintenance on your boat. Odor will be produced from this; odor is produced from cake build up. If you have two tanks, clean one at a time and use the one not being treated. As a side note, remember that the vent lines need to to be 1 1/2 inches to the out side to prevent odor problems. 

2. Now that your tank is clean, it’s ready for use. Flush once to put clean water down the head. Add 6 to 8 ounces of BacTANK T3 Holding Tank Treatment and flush.

3. Depending on the number of guests and heavy use on weekends, throw a two ounce BacTANK T3 Dry Powder Soluble Packet down the toilet occasionally.

4. You should not have your tank pumped every weekend, unless it is getting full.

5. This is a microbial product that reproduces at a high rate if there is food for the bacteria to eat and convert the waste into a liquid to be easily pumped and reduce odor.

BacTANK T3 Safe Scrub is an excellent product to clean the toilet with. Do not use vinegar, Clorox, Simple Green, Toilet Fresheners, or any other harsh chemicals down the toilet.

All of Nolan Bio Labs’ microbial products are blended against each other. This means you’ll have the same quality product each time you open a new bottle. If you feel that you are still having a problem with odor, call 877-BIO BUGS (877-246-2847) and the team will work hard to solve your odor issue.

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