Houseboating In Toronto

April 2016 Web Exclusive

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Toronto, Canada? BlogTO recently posted what houseboaters Karen King and her boyfriend Josh Brassé had to say about what it's like to live on a houseboat in Toronto.

This couple reportedly calls Patience their home at Bluffer’s Park Marina, where they enjoy the waterbound life with their cat, Nigel, and dog, Dutch. It was their way of compromising between living in the country and staying downtown. But houseboating as far north as Toronto brings some exciting challenges with it.

The couple took showers at the marina building during the winter and fought frozen pipes during the drop in temperature. With their current set-up, they also have to manually pump out their sewage into a mobile cart—luckily rarely. Unlike other fellow houseboaters, Karen and Josh didn’t have bubblers to prevent ice from forming, so they compensated by chipping it away by hand.

The winter may have been difficult, but the sheer pleasure of living on the water makes it worth it. With plenty of windows to view sunsets and sunrises playing over the water, living onboard Patience is a wonderful proposition indeed.

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Photos credited to Hector Vasquez

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