Pond Life Is The Life For Me

June 2016 Feature Web Exclusive

According to the Erie Times-News, Tom and Nancy Bloom of Erie, Pa., take things differently than your average houseboat-on-a-lake. Their home on the water is somewhere a bit unorthodox—at Houseboat 28 in Presque Isle State Park's Horseshoe Pond.

“This is our vacation,” Nancy Bloom told the Erie Times-News. “It's all here. We have our family and friends we can share it with. We consider it our treasure, and we like to share it with people.”

Twenty-four houseboats roost at Horseshoe Pond, where the Blooms have spent their summers since 1981.

"Out here, there's always something to do, whether it's new or not. You have to have a good work ethic. People who don't often find things going down the tube in a hurry,” Tom said.

“The kids will go out on their Jet Skis, they can take their little ride while I cook a big breakfast,” Nancy added. “Then, when they come back, they say, ‘Wow, that's the best food I've ever tasted because it's always better on the water.’”

The Blooms were joined by Mike and Carol Hirsch in 2001, when thee couple purchased a houseboat and moored nearby. Along with their houseboat, the Hirsches love having a small powerboat, kayaks and paddleboards to spend their summers on the water.

“My favorite time is when you have someone fishing on one side, kayakers and paddleboarders on another side and my 80-year-old mom is sitting on the sunset side,” Hirsch shared. “Horseshoe Pond is basically a swamp, but it's the nicest swamp I could ever think of in the world.”

To read more about the houseboating adventure to be had at Horseshoe Pond, read the Erie Times-News’ full article here.

Photo credited to Andy Colwell/Erie Times-News

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