July 2016 Web Exclusive

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! In order to have the best celebration possible tonight, keep in mind these seven safety tips by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, shared by the American Boating Association. You can read the full story here. Let's all have a fun and safe Independence Day!

  •  Always wear a life jacket.
  • Make sure your boat is properly equipped and that required equipment is functioning properly.
  •  Be prepared for emergencies and teach your fellow houseboaters basic emergency procedures.
  •  Remember the dangers of drinking and boating.
  •  File a Float Plan with a friend, saying who is going, where you're going, what the boat looks like, and when you expect to be back.
  •  Keep a sharp lookout for other boats, the weather, or anything that is unusual.
  •  Practice the 3 Cs – caution, courtesy, and common sense. 
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