Hello, Autonomous Luxury!

July 2016 Web Exclusive

This new houseboat is out of this world! Designed by Dutch entrepreneur Berend Lens van Rijn, gizmag.com explains that the The Waterlovt is reminiscent of the Floating Seahorse fleet—you may remember these bad boys, destined for the Heart of Europe project at The World in Dubai, from last year. Clearly both projects have a flair for filling the luxury bill in the United Arab Emirates.

Lens van Rijn is reported as saying the Waterlovt will be "taking the concept of a houseboat to a whole new level" and is destined to change how people can live on the water. With no engine, you’ll need to be towed into position, but the houseboat can function entirely self sufficiently from there and can be designed to fit specific needs and wants of the customer.

For example, different solar power systems can be installed, including off-grid day only power, battery packs and a generator for 24-hour power, and the connection for hooking up to mainland power. There’s also a desalination system for drinking water, a sewage treatment unit, and a digester to generate power through organic waste. Smart glass darkens in sunlight, air conditioning works in combination with solar power and battery packs, and the floor has ventilation and heat ducts for both cooling and heating capabilities. Extra home automation features can also be discussed.

The Waterlovt is said to be manufactured to the highest industry safety standards for houseboats in the Netherlands. The first order for 20 houseboats is currently being figured. While none of us can probably afford to live in such a place, it’s definitely interesting to see what self-sufficient tricks this unusual houseboat has up its sleeves. Maybe someday, Waterlovt, maybe someday…

Photos credited to Waterlovt.com

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