Quiz Time!

July 2016

Gateway Law recently released some very interesting data about boating safety. We put together a 10 question quiz to see how savvy you are in guessing the statistics. When you’re done (no cheating!), check out the answers below:

1. What day of the week do most boating accidents occur?

2. What day of the week do the least amount of boating accidents occur?

3. How many deaths were reportedly caused by alcohol use?

4. What place did improper loading rank in causes of death?

5. What are the top five causes of boating injuries?

6. Where did weather rank on causes of boating injuries?

7. Was mechanical failure more likely or less likely to cause an injury than force of wave/wake?

8. Where did alcohol rank on causes of boating injuries?

9. After 2013, did boating injuries increase or decrease?

10. How many boating accidents occurred in 1998?


Answers: 1) Saturday 2) Wednesday 3)108 4) 3rd 5) Misc., Operator Inattention, Improper Lookout, Excessive Speed 6) 12th 7) Less likely 8) 6th 9) Increase 10) About 8,000

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