Trip Planning Tips For Lake Powell

July 2016 Feature Web Exclusive

With summer kicking off, houseboaters everywhere are no doubt gearing up for this year’s big vacation. But planning a houseboat trip can require juggling a lot of details. If Lake Powell, Ariz., is your destination this summer, you should definitely check out Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas’ trip planning guide specific to this boating hotspot. Take a peek at their expert tips below:

At Lake Powell, there is an incredibly diverse range of sites to see and activities to do while houseboating. From wakeboarding, waterskiing, and fishing to seeing all that the lake has to offer including Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Antelope Canyon, Tower Butte, Gunsite, Cookie Jar and Padre Butte. Additionally, there are hundreds of secluded beaches that become your own private escape. The best way to make sure you enjoy every moment of your houseboating escape on Lake Powell is to plan ahead.


When you plan all your meals in advance and create a grocery shopping list, it’ll ensure you have everything you need once aboard your houseboat. If anything’s forgotten; however, there are plenty of supplies at the marina store. If you don’t want to worry about shopping and bringing up all your food, there are other options including a grocery delivery program, where a  large selection of products and produce are conveniently delivered to your houseboat on the day of departure; or a chef-on-board program, where a professional chef comes aboard your houseboat and prepares all of your meals. Important items include: paper plates, paper cups, and plastic utensils, plastic containers or self-closing bags to store any leftovers, foil and plastic wrap, paper towels and kitchen towels, meals, drinks, snacks, seasons for meats and condiments.

Pack Your Bags

One of the most enjoyable parts of houseboating on Lake Powell is the unbeatable feeling of getting away from it all. But that also means getting away from the convenience of having a store right down the street. So it’s important to pack carefully so you can focus on having fun! Items you don’t want to forget include: sleeping bags, beach towels, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, seasonal and comfy clothing.

Other Important Items To Consider

  • Favorite playlists downloaded to your phone or ipod
  • Fishing tackle and poles, ice chest for what you catch
  • Musical instruments, playing cards and games for evening entertainment
  • Lounge chairs
  • Tent or canopy with poles
  • Battery powered lamp, flashlight or headlamp
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Book, e-reader or tablet

Now that you are all set, all you need to do is look forward to your trip and have fun!

Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas provides houseboat and powerboat rentals, lodging, dining and scenic tours. For more info, visit

Photos credited to Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas 

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