From CarlCraft to Sumerset

August 2016

Story and photos by Dave Judd

love houseboating. Everyone I know who owns a houseboat loves it. My first boat wasn’t a houseboat, though. Like so many others, I began motorized boating with a ski boat. But having the space that a houseboat offers to roam around, cook, and sleep on the water held a certain fascination for me. Once I decided to change boating styles, I opted to skip past buying a cabin cruiser and jump to a houseboat. My ski boat buddies kind of pushed me into it, because it meant that they could still go fast, while visiting me to get out of the sun and to use my bathroom or kitchen. That was some years ago. I’m now piloting my fourth houseboat, having traded up a few times over my 20-something-year history of enjoying the lifestyle.  

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