Say Hello To The River Den

September 2016 Web Exclusive

Meet the River Den, a 33-foot houseboat with an antique wood stove for heat, a custom removable wedge roof, and five pontoons to keep her afloat. Jetson Green shares that owner Bonnie and her friend Denis Tremblay built this unique vessel themselves, and its designed to be a year-round liveaboard platform with the option of mobility on the Gatineau River in Quebec.

The pontoons, manufactured by Les Quais Navigables, are designed to freeze in the ice during winter and the removable roof allows Bonnie to lower the overall height so the houseboat can be road-legal. Double-pane glass windows, some cut in customized shapes, let light into the little vessel, and the steel grill in the bedroom allows head to rise and spread inside. Currently powered by a 60 horsepower motor and 12-volt deep cycle marine battery, Bonnie is toying around with investing in solar panels to support more appliances. If you want to check out the River Den for yourself, Bonnie will give you a turn behind the helm, as it’s listed on AirBnb when she’s not spending time onboard. To check out more, visit Jetson Green here.

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