When Did You Catch It?

October 2016 Web Exclusive

When were you first swept up by the houseboating lifestyle? The bug has caught us all at various stages of life, whether at the tender age of childhood, during the golden years, or anytime in between. One Houseboat forum member recently started a conversation about this:

HBChattanooga: I've loved houseboats since childhood. I'm 49 now and just ran across this picture of me (in yellow shirt) on the roof of this new Stardust Cruiser. Stardust began in my home town and my Father always kept a new one. This photo was made for a factory brochure at our Marina.

Stmbtwle: Lucky you! I'm a tad envious, I didn't get into houseboating till I was nearly 50.

easttnboater: That is cool. My wife and me and my parents bought our first one together 30 years ago.

What’s your story? Jump onto the forum and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to check out an upcoming feature in our November/December issue, “It’s Memory-Making Time,” where the Wilson family shares their “conversion” story.

Thanks to HBChattanooga for sharing this picture

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