Destination Yachts

November 2016

With long-establishing Amish craftsmanship forming the foundation of each build, Destination Yachts has made a name for itself as a longstanding manufacturer dedicated to bringing houseboating to everyone’s budget. The Indiana-based company first spread its roots after owner Sheldon Graber and his brother Terry sold their Myacht company to Tracker Marine. Graber’s senses told him the industry needed a twin hull houseboat with the right balance of luxury and economic quality—and thus Destination Yachts was born. Ever since 1998, Graber and his growing team have worked to innovate finishes that were both elegant and affordable. Customers can chase exactly what they want in a houseboat thanks to the customization of builds that range from 35 feet to 100 feet long.

After upgrading to a new facility in Washington, Ind., in 2014, Destination Yachts has been able to meet demands, keep prices lower, and expand its luxury Elite series and high-end deck boat series. It also started focusing on developing price point houseboats starting at $95,000, bringing even more options to customers across the nation.


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