Sailabration Houseboats

November 2016

Thanks to its high level of custom design, no two houseboats are exactly alike at Sailabration. After all, this manufacturer prides itself on placing customization at the center of the build process, fulfilling each customer’s preferred style and budget with optional features that range from the practical to the lavish. Because of this flexible design process, a customer is able to be involved with decisions impacting everything from the floor plan to the interior décor and color scheme, ensuring they can be confident their new houseboat is uniquely manufactured to them. One thing that remains the same across the board, however, is every build’s minimal maintenance and easy handling on the water. Finishing touches like solid-wood cabinetry show that Sailabration’s reputation for quality design is well-founded.

This manufacturer has also supplemented its boat business with remodeling and refurbishment services. Whether a boater is looking for a brand-new model or a fresh look for their older houseboat, Sailabration is ready to meet their exact needs with style. 


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