Stardust Cruisers

November 2016

Officially the oldest continually-operating houseboat company in the United States, Stardust has welcomed the success as part of Trifecta Ventures while still enjoying its own unique history. Since the company’s first build, a steel hull constructed in Chattanooga, Tenn., around 1965, Stardust has successfully built over 1,500 custom vessels.

Because the wood-free wall structures are made of aluminum and fiberglass panels created in-house, every Stardust customer can choose any shape of inset-free form windows. A patented web frame design further fortifies the entire structure and new hull improvements combined with direct drive or V-drive power configurations up the game when it comes to handling and efficiency. Stardust also has its own fiberglass shop onsite and specializes in custom woodwork and cabinetry. This steady flow of unique designs means customers can enjoy a widening range of options. One thing that always remains the same, however, is the level of stylish quality across the size and price range of Stardust’s houseboats. 


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