Sumerset Houseboats

November 2016

The roots of Sumerset Houseboats go all the way back to 1953 when Jim Sharpe started Sumerset Marine with a 10- by 24-foot steel bottom with scow bow. His vision behind the company wove the history of the industry as Sumerset established its reputation as a quality crafter of houseboats. The name Sumerset and all of the company’s patents were purchased by Thoroughbred houseboats in 2010, which then joined forces with Stardust during the Trifecta Ventures merger four years later. But even as Sumerset has continued to enjoy growth under the combined staff at Trifecta Ventures, it has always held onto the unique identity that Sharpe originally envisioned all those years ago.

With an aim towards remaining as maintenance-free as possible, Sumerset’s focus on a better hull and stronger frame with improved roofing systems has brought this company exciting success. And with its classic glass wall construction, these builds continue to show off a polished, timeless exterior that distinguishes each Sumerset houseboat. 


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