Ten Tantalizing Things You Didn’t Know About Lake Ouachita

April 2017 Web Exclusive

If you’ve had the pleasure of going to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, you know firsthand what an incredible houseboating destination it is. From the moment you set eye on those sparkling waters, it’s safe to say it was an obvious fact. But did you know these ten things about this boating hotspot? 

10. Lake Ouachita is pronounced "Wash-ah-taw." Did you already know that one?

9. Its name comes from the French spelling of Choctaw Indian words "Owa Chito," meaning big hunt.

8.You can check out the Geo-Float Trail here, a marked water trail that features prominent geologic features as you explore.

7. There isn’t a single house on over 600 miles of shoreline here.

6. Lake Ouachita is surrounded by over 1.8 million acres of the Ouachita National Forest. That’s a lot of trees!

5. There are over 200 islands for you to explore.

4. This lake lays claim to being one of the cleanest in the nation.

3. Lake Ouachita also boasts one of the largest crystal veins in the entire world.

2. Scuba divers come from everywhere to take advantage of the special spear fishing season at Lake Ouachita.

1. You can sometimes see rare freshwater jelly fish, freshwater sponges, and freshwater shrimp in the lake. These creatures can only live in the world's cleanest lakes.

Information shared on www.lakeouachita.org

Photo credited to Wake Zone Luxury Houseboat Rentals

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