Take A Peek At Author Shel Silverstein’s Houseboat

May 2017 Web Exclusive


The late author Shel Silverstein once paced the floor of this one-of-a-kind Sausalito houseboat before his passing in 1999. (Think Where The Sidewalk Ends.) With a background about as diverse as Silverstein’s own, San Francisco Curbed reports that this “bohemian” style houseboat has tried on a hat or two in its own right; originally an old balloon barge from World War II, it had later been converted into a one stateroom, one bath houseboat that a previous owner had interestingly christened Evil Eye.

After the author’s death, Evil Eye was passed on to Silverstein’s friend, photographer/artist Larry Moyer until his own death in March 2016. Now this houseboat is currently on the market.

With unique stained glass windows and an eye-catching open layout, this houseboat is unfortunately in some disrepair; however, the somewhat quirky charm and stand-alone style still shines through anything layers of dust could attempt to dampen. You can read the full story here.

Top photo credited to Paul Bergeron. Bottom photo credited to San Francisco Curbed

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