Battle Of The Bands

June 2017 Austa Cook

You’re heading to Canyon Lake, Texas, for a summery day on the water when you hear it—a rush of sound that can only be a massive crowd cheering. Undercutting the thrum of cheers is the twang of guitars, thump of drums, and pitch of bright vocals echoing through the trees.

You’re stumped. There are no big stadiums or huge cities around this picturesque area. In fact, the hubbub seems to be coming from…the lake?

Obviously, this scenario is totally fictitious. Because if you were anywhere nearby, you would’ve already heard about this party!

Every July, the boating community at Canyon Lake gets together for a day on the water to watch local musicians play. The bands take center stage on two houseboats, while everyone ties up their own boats in a giant line and enjoys the show. People sunbathe, float, and chow down on free food while the fabulous sound system ramps up the live entertainment to wave-making proportions. Do I mean water waves or people doing The Wave? Does it matter? Calling it a good time is an understatement. 

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