Houseboat to Home-boat in 8 Easy Steps

August 2017

If your houseboat isn’t your actual house, then it’s still pretty darn close. Of course, with an investment like that, keeping it in nearly perfect condition is a priority – but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a little while you’re on it. Without causing any damage, you can turn your houseboat into a homeboat. But don’t make it too homey—it might make it that much harder to ever go back to the real world.

So here are 8 ways to rock a homeboat:

Get some plants. Plants liven up the place, add color, provide a nice accent, and show personality. Purple flowers? You’re tame and enjoy the pretty things. Just green leaves and grasses? You’re pretty chill. Venus flytrap? You’re way too cool. And a ficus/fake plants? You have a knack for killing plants despite your best efforts and/or you’re lazy.

Decorate the walls a little bitPut up pictures of your family, or even just nice photos/wall décor that you enjoy. Maybe you have your grandmother’s delft blue plate collection that would look great here (because your wall at home is covered with your other grandmother’s plate collection). Maybe you’re a wallpaper kind of person. Whatever it is, a little something on the walls makes a homey impression.

Have pillows on the couches. They’re nice accents and make everything cozier.

Create cozy places. There should be places that are perfect for relaxing, or curling up with a good book, or just kicking back and cracking open a drink. Whether it’s a chair, a beanbag, a window nook, or a hammock on the deck, create happy, comfortable places that make you feel at home.

Use a hand-me-down something to display or use for practicality. It can be something as big as a couch, to something as small as a pot in the kitchen. Some part of your friends or family that you bring with you can really give a special feel to your houseboat.

Lights. The lighting is such a mood setter. Add some ambience with candles (it’ll also make it smell real nice). Or get some lamps. Maybe some torches, if you’re feeling a little savage. Some people are into stringing white Christmas lights across the ceilings. Other people like flashy, multi-colored LEDs. You decide what kind of mood best suits your idea of home.

Have someone to share it all with. Home isn’t home without loved ones, is it? Whether it’s hangin with the family, partying with the friends, or playing with the dog, it’s best to have some companionship on board. And no, the dead plants on the windowsill don’t count.

Establish traditions. Going out to have a good time on the houseboat is always exciting, but developing and looking forward to specific traditions is the best part. Whether it’s grilling on the back deck or having cannonball contests off the top deck, nothing makes a houseboat a homeboat better than the memories made while on it. 

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