Seasick? Not anymore, you're not.

August 2017

Typically, your houseboat isn’t rolling on waves, meaning that seasickness isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a problem. But there’s always those moments where someone on board gets a little too sensitive to the water, and when that happens, you gotta be prepared.

Here are some seasick hacks:

First things first, get yourself some medicine. You should never be on board without your basic anti-nausea medications like Dramamine, Benadryl, Bonine, etc.

And if you forgot or ran out of medication, maybe you have some coke on board? Gingerale is the typical nauseau-reducing beverage, but Coca-Cola is also extremely effective in easing that upset feeling. Coke contains phosphoric acid and sugars which are the same ingredients found in anti-nausea medication. It probably tastes better, too—and is easier to swallow.

Another tip is to wear a patch. Now you understand why pirates do it, huh? Okay, so it’s not that kind of patch. This one goes behind your ear to reduce the activity of nerve fibers in your inner ear with a drug called scopolamine.

But if you’re not about that drug life, there are some more natural ways to soothe the unsteady stomach.

Some people say that just tilting your head to the side for a bit will do the trick. Well, it probably can’t hurt, so why not?

Some sources say to close your eyes to avoid sending mixed messages to the brain; other sources say to keep your eyes open and focus on a distant point. Either way, both emphasize not trying to read or focus on anything up close.  Also, make sure to take really deep breaths.

Chinese medicine has proved the effectiveness of applying pressure to the inside of the wrist as a way to suppress nausea. There are a variety of battery operated bands, and simple pressure bands on the market for this purpose. And maybe if you synchronize that pressure pumping to some bass pumping music, it’ll be the sickest seasickness you ever had. (too far?)

And finally, eat something. The last thing you feel inclined to do when you feel sick-to-your-stomach is eat, but sometimes you need to. Bland foods are best because they help soak up the stomach acid. A simple diet for the nauseous is the BRAT diet – Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. You may also feel inclined to act like a brat. That’s completely understandable, but probably not pleasant for the others aboard the boat. 

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