Famous People and Houseboats

September 2017

You've heard of celebrites living on or owning houseboats--of course they own houseboats, they're celebrities. But a not so glamorous story of a celebrity living on a houseboat is the story of actress Lauren Graham. Her houseboat days were in the '70s, but she fondly reflects on them in her book, "Talking as Fast as I Can." 

She was only a young girl when her parents split and her mother went on to pursue a singing career. She ended up staying with her father, where she says "[he] made the obvious next choice, something we'd all probably do in this situation: he moved us to the Virgin Islands, where we lived on a houseboat. I slept in a bunk-bed-type thing that was also the kitchen. I was picked up for nursery school by the bus, which was actually a motorboat." 

Graham's dad had tired of working at Capitol Hill, so he left his job there so he could spend more time with his daughter. He was also seeing a woman who knew some people at the marina in St. Thomas, so they ended up going there. He said of the marina: "It was a strange place... but friendly. Very bohemian. Everybody there was sort of dropping out of society.... It was beautiful there. We drove around a lot and went to the beach." 

Their houseboat didn't have a motor, so they didn't sail around much. But they both agree that they had fun.

A couple years later, they moved to New York, "presumably to live in a house you couldn't dive off of."  

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