Talk A-boat a Good Name

September 2017

So you've probably already heard of those cliche boat names, like "Seas the Day" or "Holy Ship" or "Knot Again," etc. And if your boat's name happens to be one of those, then +10 originality points to you. But here are some of the boat names we've come across over the years that have we've found interesting, funny, or clever. 

1.Water Lily

2. Pleasure Hunter

3. No Problem

4. Liquid Asset

5. Just Cruisin

6. Journey's End

7. Easy Livin

8. Casper the Friendly Boat

9. Sweet Sunsation 

10. Home Wrecker

Talk a-boat some good names! Think your boat's name is a real winner? Tell us what it is on our Facebook page!

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