Old Camper Turned Houseboat

October 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

Meet the Happy Camper. This was an old vintage Avion camper before Flipping Ships from Animal Planet converted it into a floating retreat for a lucky couple. Usually the show is committed to restoring abandoned boats, but this time they decided to restore the camper…into a boat.

Here's what it looked like before:

Flipping Ships follows Edwin McCain along with his “Boats Have Souls” team on their boat restoration adventures. When they first got their hands on the Avion camper, it was pretty beat up, but with a little love from the team it looks shiny and new.

McCain and his team placed the worn-down camper on a boat, giving it a new deck and some comfy seats up front. The inside décor is inspired by ‘50s fashion, making it a one-of-a-kind custom houseboat.

Follow this link to get a tour from the team.

So what do you say? Have any old campers lying around? Why not give them some good old tender love and care, and make them into something truly special… like a houseboat!

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