Porsche’s New Superyacht

The Porsche 911 of the Seas

October 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

When a person says “Porsche,” you automatically think of those high-speed performance sports cars, but did you know that Porsche extends beyond automobiles? That’s right. Porsche made a yacht, and not just any yacht. This thing’s a superyacht.

Porsche teamed up with the shipbuilders at Dynamiq and proceeded to build the breathtaking GTT 115. True to the Porsche brand, this superyacht has two 1,650-horsepower diesel V12s, together with Fortjes pod-drives. It even looks like the Porsche 911. The build and look of the boat resemble the iconic sports car both on the exterior and interior. It’s a style that Porsche-lovers are already crazy about.

So far Porsche and Dynamiq have only built seven of these beauties. At $16.7 million per boat, this yacht offers customizable options as well, such as color combinations and some different interior-look options.

Simply said, the GTT 115 is luxury at it’s finest.

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