How to Quit your Day-Job and Work Aboard Superyachts

Caroline Antlett talks exclusively to Houseboat’s editor about Superyacht Management.

November 2017 Feature Heather Magda Serrano Web Exclusive

For some people, an ordinary existence doesn’t wholly satisfy, so they approach life in a more adventurous, unorthodox way. Caroline Antlett happens to be such an individual. Unsatisfied with the normal 9 to 5 job that the larger amount of the population end up with, Antlett started her nautical career traveling the world as a private chef for superyachts.

After six years, she fell in love with the sea and the superyacht industry. So she became involved with yacht management. “I went from being a chef on sailing yachts to being involved in the management of 100 million plus sized yachts,” said Antlett. “A massive learning curve!”

From there, she decided she wanted more than on-the-job training. That’s when Antlett enrolled at the Maritime Training Academy to earn her Superyacht Management Diploma. I bet a good number of you didn’t know such a specialized diploma existed.

The coarse offered Antlett a structured distance learning program that has helped put further wind in her sails. She noted that it allowed her to get a grip of both the legislation and history. The program lasts 12 months and each month has a module with a practical assignment at the end. At the end of 12 months, there’s a cumulative written exam.

The Maritime Training Academy comes highly recommended by Antlett. “I gained a lot of insight and knowledge out of it which really helped me in my position as a new yacht manager.”

However, Antlett warned that someone completely new to the industry might find the program overwhelming. Since it is such a highly specialized field, you will be expected to be somewhat familiar with the field. Make sure to research before diving in.

Now, Antlett works remotely from Palma de Mallorca as a business developer for a luxury asset law firm. Her background in yacht management lead her to this new position and she has found her training with the Maritime Training Academy has greatly benefited her in this role. She feels more confident and knowledgeable because of her Superyacht Management Diploma.

Monotony isn’t something Antlett has ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Her Superyacht Management Diploma has been a stepping stone in her much-enjoyed career. “I love the superyacht industry from my time cheffing on the water to my time on land now,” said Antlett.

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