Relaunching with Resilience

Electra Fasching overcomes misfortunes with renewal and recovery

December 2017 Feature

In the last March/April issue of Houseboat Magazine, we published a story about Electra and AJ Fasching’s renovations of their 75-foot Stardust houseboat. They had worked on it together, but before the Faschings had finished, AJ tragically passed away.

Despite the incredible pain Electra Fasching felt at the loss of her husband, she found the strength to finish renovating the last project she and her beloved companion had worked on together.

But misfortune was not done with Fasching yet. Before the next issue of Houseboat Magazine even hit the shelves, her newly renovated boat was hit by a three-story commercial paddle wheeler on April 18.

For other people, this could have been the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, but Fasching met the additional disaster with resilience and tenacity.

The commercial paddle wheeler, known as the Desert Princess, damaged Fasching’s houseboat substantially. It bent the back, scraped the hull and damaged the cabin.

Typically, such an accident would lead to a legal dispute, but Fasching managed to work things out with the Desert Princess owner, Aramark.

Now after a long, painful journey, Electra finally relaunched her houseboat after tedious months of repairs on December 14.

Regardless of the hardships Electra faced, she’s managed to continue and persevere. She has her houseboat back and she knows that her husband would be proud of her and her strength.


Pictures (left to right): Before the Accident, 10 days before AJ Passed Away, After the Accident.

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