Affordable Waterfront Digs And The Awesomeness Of Baltimore

June 2018 Feature Dan Armitage

Some of you may remember the story featured a couple years ago on the adventure my wife and I had on our SleepAfloat rental. Here are some more details about the technicalities of doing what we did and renting from SleepAfloat, as well as a little more about places to visit in Balitmore.

Depending on the SleepAfloat location, in addition to offering a special place to stay, a houseboat may even offer a more affordable option than traditional vacation accommodations.

When we went, there was a two-night minimum stay aboard a boat among the SleepAfloat fleet, of which all but four were houseboats. With locations in the heart of popular vacation destinations such as Boston, Miami and Key West, those rates can be competitive—especially considering the on-water locations. The Draco boat we chose rented for $175 per night and was perfect for a couple and would be comfortable for up to a family of four. Similar crafts, as well as larger boats with greater capacities, are available at most sites; for more information on SleepAfloat, its rental houseboats and locations, visit or call 855-343-3456.

Two Must-See Waterfront Sights

We visited Baltimore on the annual mid-September Defender’s Day Weekend, the port city’s oldest holiday, which honors the successful defense of Baltimore from British attack and the writing of “The Star Spangled Banner” in 1814. Water taxis shuttle guests back and forth to Ft. McHenry, across the harbor from the SleepAfloat marina, where festivities that include boat tours, a living history encampment and Rocket’s Red Glare fireworks display take place over the course of the weekend. (

The National Aquarium complex is located directly on the waterfront a short walk from Chester Cove Marina, where a new Blacktip Reef exhibit alone is worth the price of admission. The aquarium’s collection includes over 17,000 animals from more than 750 species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals all residing in award-winning, naturalistic habitats. (

Believe me, there’s plenty more to Baltimore. Visit or call 877-BALTIMORE for more ideas.

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