Craig Thomas's SummerSun Houseboat Rental

Published in the January 2019 Issue February 2019 Feature By Heather Magda Serrano

Craig Thomas recently rented one of Lee’s Ford Marina’s SummerSun Houseboats and he was completely blown away. He rented the boat with 10 other houseboat veterans for his brother’s bachelor party and the entire crew had a blast and decided it was the best houseboating experience they’d ever had in Kentucky or Tennessee.

“The boat was fantastic and luxurious,” reminisced Craig, “something rare when renting a boat on a high volume lake like Cumberland or Dale Hollow.”

He noted the bow thrusters made docking a breeze and that everyone at the marina was incredibly helpful. Craig said he could tell the boat was hand-crafted by the team at Lee’s Ford Marina Resorts. Everything including the farm house sink, the stainless steel appliances, the air conditioning and the generator worked like a charm.

Craig and his group of seasoned houseboaters loved it so much that he was hesitant to leave a review for the marina because he wanted to keep it and the amazing SummerSun Houseboat as hidden gems.

“I will never rent a boat anywhere else the next time I venture back down to Lake Cumberland,” declared Craig. “I can’t wait to come back!”

SummerSun Houseboats

SummerSun is ready to show the industry its own take on traditional houseboats. They just jumped on the houseboating scene in 2017 as a sister company to Harbor Cottage Houseboats. This Lake Cumberland-based manufacturer specializes in a professionally-engineered aluminum displacement hull that’s welded in-house. Lake Cumberland is one of the country’s biggest houseboating hotspots.

Customers will doubtless appreciate the fiberglass panel siding with graphics, aluminum and mesh or canvas railings, and interiors showing off custom wood paneling and lovely yacht-style ceilings. These builds are fully insulated in the walls, floor and ceiling which, when paired with high-quality windows, helps retain the warmth put out by the efficient central heat pump. The airy design of the spacious roof deck and the full-sized toilet, wide vanity, and bathtub are perfect for soaking in the view and relaxing the days away on the water.


Date Founded: 2017

Location: Nancy, Ky.

Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 84' X 16'

Smallest Houseboat to Date: 84' X 16'

Largest Houseboat to Date: 84' X 16'

Hull Design: Aluminum Displacement Hull 

Water Applications: Saltwater, Brackish and/or Freshwater

In-house Transportation: No

In-house Interior Decorating: Yes


Looking to 2019

SummerSun Houseboats has a lot of excitement going on for 2019. They developed a new way to utilize the FRP siding that will be much more efficient in production and lower end costs for consumers. Their SummerSun houseboats will still have double-pane windows and will be fully insulated, unlike many other houseboats in the industry. This combination allows them to not only lower the initial purchase price for customers looking for a new, traditional style houseboat, but it will also reduce the on-going costs of ownership. Less time and money spent on maintenance means more time available to enjoy the lake with your family!

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