Home is on a Houseboat

January 2019 Own Kennedy Ray Web Exclusive

In the middle of Seattle you can find Lake Union, and on Lake Union you’ll find the home of Rome Ventura who has lived her whole life on or near the waters of this magnificent lake. Rome has been a rowing coach for over 20 years and spends the majority of her day on the water.

She explained to Houseboat Magazine: “I used to work on the water in the early mornings at 5:00 am and then additionally throughout the day, coaching high school rowers in the afternoon and adults in the evening.  I think I spend less than 2 hours a day on land!”

Talk about getting your sea legs!

Rome lived on a floating home for many years but in 2014 she sold her floating home for a houseboat so that she could have the best of both worlds: a home to live in and a boat to get out in. Rome had to act fast though; new Seattle regulations were about to limit the number of liveaboard boats to those registered before the summer of 2014.

The dream home she was looking for included a seaworthy bow line versus a pontoon shape with residential interior and housing features. Her search came to an end when she found a family that formerly owned Bravada Yachts Company who built a one of a kind yacht for Rome. The family was able to transport the yacht via truck (upper deck on one truck and lower deck on another) from Arizona to Seattle. The yacht was completely assembled near the Port of Seattle where it was craned into the water. Rome then drove it from Puget Sound, through the Ballard Locks, and into Lake Union. Rome recalls that it was “Quite a trip on a windy day!”

Her two story houseboat home includes a full kitchen, master bedroom, living area, patio area, and much more. Rome says, “Living on a beautiful houseboat on the shore of a busy lake in the middle of a vibrant city is hard to describe. It’s the best of everything. You just can’t beat it.” Home is where your heart is and for Rome Ventura, home is on a houseboat.

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