Jim Loveland's Adonia Houseboat

January 2019 Own By Heather Magda Serrano

Jim Loveland’s 22- by 92-foot Adonia houseboat was completed and hit the water early last spring and his whole family has been over the moon with excitement.

When Jim was deciding what type of houseboat he wanted, he knew he would want to go with an Adonia because of their high-quality vessels. Jim has known Taylor, the owner of Adonia Yachts, for quite some time and has seen what he’s doing with the new Adonia boats. He said he’s always absolutely blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of their houseboats.

Jim explained that their boat’s master suite is on the mid-deck, which was something he’d never experienced before and is thoroughly enjoying.

“I love that master suite up there,” smiled Jim. “Just the way it lays out and the privacy we get up there has been fantastic.”

One of the Loveland family’s favorite features on the boat is the fire pit up top. They also put a smoker up there which makes for quite the family fun. Jim and his family love the design of their boat with its innovative layout and windows that open up the back of the boat to the beauty of the lake.

“We’ve been houseboating for at least two decades on Lake Powell,” shared Jim. “So we have seen a number of different houseboats and this one is unbelievable and absolutely incredible. We love it.”

Adonia Yachts

Adonia Yachts is always looking to take things to the next level with unique, high-end builds that evidence the latest in technology and design. President Dave Taylor is backed by nearly two decades of experience in the houseboat design, manufacturing, service and remodel business, and that fact is clear when your eye falls on these gorgeous models.

Running at full capacity from its 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in St. George, Utah, Adonia Yachts has designed and built some of the biggest, most complex yachts out there. With fully-enclosed multi-story living areas, Nana Wall technology, and two-story open atriums, it’s obvious this manufacturer continues to push the boundaries.

With all steps of the manufacturing business personally looked over in-house at the facility, the Adonia Yachts team focuses on ensuring that everything from the exterior to the smallest interior touches are designed to appeal. The company is named after Adonis, the Greek god of beauty and desire, after all, so it’s little wonder Adonia Yachts embraces these qualities to the fullest.

Date Founded: 2013

Location: St. George, Utah

Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: Adonia Custom

Smallest Houseboat to Date: 18’ X 75’

Largest Houseboat to Date: 24’ X 112’

Hull Design: Custom Aluminum Hull

Water Applications: Lakes, Rivers and Intracoastal

In-house Transportation: Yes

In-house Interior Decorating: Yes


Looking to 2019

Adonia Yachts is excited about their 2019 product line. They have a 24- by 120-foot deep hull boat in the works that they believe will change the way people houseboat. Barbarac II (their largest boat to date) has been a very successful boat for Adonia. This was their first yacht launched with their actuated fold-out docks and integrated PWC storage system, which have worked flawlessly. Adonia has many yachts in production that will be utilizing this technology. The company is constantly working on improving their product line, and is currently revamping their upper level outdoor kitchens so they can have more cabinet space as well as new options for waterproof custom designed cabinetry.

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