Kevin Kennedy's Bravada Houseboat

Published in the January 2019 Issue January 2019 Feature By Heather Magda Serrano

Kevin Kennedy and his family of eight have been frequenting Lake Powell for a number of years and they’ve enjoyed it so much that they finally decided to take the leap and build their own houseboat—a 16- by 70-foot Bravada V70 Legacy.

The Kennedy family decided to build their boat with Bravada for a couple of reasons. The first was Bravada could build them a boat faster than its competition, and the second was the attractive price.

“The price was a definite deciding factor,” explained Kevin, “and we were getting a lot of custom things for that price.” Their whole top deck is custom: custom couches, a custom shade cover, custom batwings, and they’ve also got a hot tub up there. Even the stairs on the houseboat are custom.

The boat is just about finished and it’s receiving its finishing touches at the Bravada factory. The small touches such as the gorgeous paint job, are another factor that will set this boat apart from the rest. They’re doing a very pearlescent, shiny metallic color. It makes this boat’s name, The Pearl, all the more appropriate.

“The paint color will be like nothing else you’ve ever seen,” boasted Kevin. “Every other boat off of Lake Powell is white except for a few so this is going to be very unique. It’s going to stick out.”

Bravada Yachts

In June 2017 with the new owners at the helm, Bravada Yachts completed its new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Tolleson, Ariz., and they’ve been making true on their “Be Bold” motto ever since. They’ve seen some rapid growth as they’ve sought to craft exceptional memory-making experiences for families everywhere.

Bravada also offers factory-direct shares on “multi-owner boats,” helping pair up fellow potential boat partners for first-time buyers or those who don’t live on a lake and have to travel to go houseboating just a few times a year. Factory-direct means buyers will avoid paying traditional mark-up costs added to the purchase price by a re-seller. Since these mark-ups can add up to as much as 20 percent, Bravada’s new factory-direct solution means huge savings are passed on to the buyer. Couple that with splitting the costs among five to 10 partners and you can see how easy it is to enjoy what Bravada has coined, “Attainable Luxury.”

With bold, innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and high performance backing each build, this high-end yacht builder is continuing to make some waves.


Date Founded: 2010

Location: Tolleson, Ariz.

Best-selling Model or Floor Plan: 22' X 75' (3 Levels)

Smallest Houseboat to Date: 16' X 65' (2 Levels)

Largest Houseboat to Date: 24' X 110' (4 Levels)

Hull Design: Full Aluminum Hull

Water Applications: Lakes, Rivers, and Intracoastal

In-house Transportation: Yes

In-house Interior Decorating: Yes


Looking to 2019

Bravada is extremely excited for 2019! They just reworked their Legacy Series and they’re launching their brand-new Atlas Series. This sleek design was spearheaded by yacht designer David Weiss of Deisgnova Creative, together with the new owners of Bravada. Continuing with the vision for a luxury lake vacation, Bravada is focused on creative innovation, custom premium interiors and unique technology solutions for the modern houseboating experience.  

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