A Royal Flush

Published in the March 2019 Issue April 2019 Multimedia By Madison Weaver and Kennedy Ray

Okay, let’s talk about this. And by that, I mean we should use some euphemisms to get us through a perceivably undignified topic that, regardless, needs to be addressed by so many.

When nature calls, nature calls. Sometimes you gotta lighten the load, drop some kids off at the pool, make the bladder gladder… you know. Are we all on the same page here? Great, you’re keeping up.

Anyway, when you think about getting the royal treatment, you might not generally think of a comfortable bathroom experience, but with these marine-grade toilets and products, you’ll feel like a king or queen on your houseboat, sitting on your very own throne.


Dometic introduced its new Moderno Toilet in 2017, which features innovative VariFlush technology. That means you can now use four different Dometic flushing technologies—VacuFlush, MasterFlush, RushFlush or Gravity—in a single bowl.

VacuFlush uses a vacuum generator to pull contents from the bowl and push them into the holding tank, making this the most water-efficient flushing method of the four options. MasterFlush uses powerful motorized blades, RushFlush utilizes high-velocity water jets and GravityFlush is used when the plumbing sits directly below the toilet.

Dometic built this model with an all-ceramic, elongated bowl and tall dimensions for an elevated level of comfort on your houseboat. Their Toilet Control Panel uses HandWave motion sense technology that allows owners to flush the toilet hands-free.

“The new Dometic handwave controller is available for the first time to complement the model,” said Global Public Relations Manager Minako Nakatsuma Olofzon. “Handwave is the first non-contact flush mechanism and is now available for all our range of marine toilets.”

The Moderno is a modern residential size marine toilet in a new contemporary style. If you’re a houseboater, then you know that most marine toilets are smaller than residential toilets, so this is pretty cool. It is also the first Dometic unit available with any of their marine flushing technologies—Vacuflush, RushFlush or Full electric Macerator. Available in either 12- or 24-volt, it allows high levels of comfort in a marine environment. (800-542-2477 // www.dometic.com)


Jabsco re-launched its Deluxe Flush Toilet line with a complete, full porcelain toilet design. This new edition features a soft-close lid and virtually silent functionality for undisturbed sleep.

The four-button touchpad control is simple to use, and the size of the seat provides the comfort of a home toilet. The four options available on the touch pad are: “fill,” “quick flush,” “flush” or “empty.”

You can also set the control to leave the bowl “dry” or “wet” after flushing. Jabsco recommends the “dry” setting to minimize total water usage. Customers also have the option of an angled or vertical back toilet. The angled back version presents minimal footprint and is easy to mount against a sloping surface or on a corner. In comparison, the vertical back creates snug-fitting against a vertical bulkhead.

“On a lot of vessels toilets sit up on a step and if that’s the case then you go for the 14-inch size toilet,” advised Paul Campagna, market application manager at Jabsco. “If it sits directly onto the cabin’s hull then you go for the 17-inch because it will stand at a height roughly of your household toilet.”

The Deluxe Flush Toilet comes in two sizes: 14-inch and 17-inch. Other great features of this model include fresh or raw water rinse models and non-clogging large bore flush pump that softens waste. It also uses less than 1.0 amp/hour per day and its crevice-free contours add to its cleanliness and hygiene. (978-282-5246 //www.jabscotech.com)


One of the most crucial necessities when cruising and having fun on your houseboat is knowing you have a place to go when you need to go. Raritan’s Marine Toilets are a great option for you and your houseboat. They offer not only a manual toilet option, but also an electric alternative with low noise levels and low power consumption.

Unique to the Raitan brand is their Vortex-Vac technology which virtually eliminates remote vacuum pumps. And for those wanting to conserve their fresh water, check out Raritan’s Sea-Fresh option for their electric toilets which allows users to use raw water for flushing while out on the water and fresh water for flushing when at the dock where fresh water is more readily available.

The innovative technology that Raritan has to offer is exclusive to their company. No other manufacturer has the option to switch from sea (or lake) water to fresh water for flushing with just the flip of a switch. Each toilet is easy to install, clean, and easy to maintain.

Raritan also guarantees a solid customer service experience. Customers can call toll-free for the entire life of the product and speak with customer service support as well as technical personal. (856-825-4900 // www.raritaneng.com)


SaniFLO’s mission is to bring you all the comfort they can while allowing you to be discrete when you have to go. Through research and development teams, SaniFLO has been able to create toilets that combine dependability with efficiency and silence.

SaniFLO's SaniMarin 48 may look like just another toilet but this model has one big game changer. Each part of the SaniMarin 48, as well as the circuit board, are coated with special “rust proof” chemicals to help keep the toilet from experiencing premature rusting that would otherwise result from the often intensely humid and moist boat environment. Though this detailed additional last step raises the price of the product, you won’t have to question if you’re good to go or if rust has taken control of your commode.

A more cost-friendly but just as reliable alternative would be the SaniMarin MaxLite. Lightweight, reliable, and comfortable, this product is your solution to hand pump toilets and its varied bowl positioning allows it to fit into tight spaces.

Both the SaniMarin 48 and the SaniMarin MaxLite are designed for boats to make going less of a hassle and more of a luxury. With either option you are sure to be living the comfortable life with SaniFLO's houseboat toilet models. (855-726-4222 // www.saniflomarinedepot.com)

Thetford Marine

“Innovation,” “dependability,” and “grade-A performance” are just some words and phrases that can be used to describe Thetford Marine’s new Compass toilet. With its narrow footprint and smart back, this toilet allows you maximum space and flexibility wherever you need it with any installation space you may have.

The Compass offers the maximums on comfort and durability while keeping sound emission and water and electrical consumption to a minimum. With the touch of a finger, the soft-close lid system activates, providing user convenience, a quiet lid covering, and the system also helps to prevent damage that could happen to the seat or lid if closed too quickly.

The Compass can be operated through two different control panels: the Eco rocker switch and Premium Plus. Along with easy, fast installation, plumbing, and wiring and virtually no maintenance, the Compass can fit just about anywhere!

Whether it is in the hull (thanks to a cutaway) or straight against a wall, the Compass is flexible and offered in a short and high profile so that you can find the best fit for you. If you're looking for an eco-friendly, cost affordable, quiet, comfortable toilet for your houseboat, give Thetford Marine’s Compass a try. (www.thetfordmarine.com)


If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to treat the waste in your holding tank, then you might want to consider investing in the BacTANK T3, a microbial holding tank product. This product treats waste by turning it to liquid while destroying the bacteria. By doing this, it also eliminates odors and you won’t need to use harsh chemicals or formaldehyde.

The owner of BacTANK, Barbara Nolan, designed this product. As a distinguished biochemist, Nolan performed all the research and testing that made this product possible.

With the BacTANK T3, you can protect your houseboat by improving your holding tank’s waste degradation, and, in extension, your enjoyment out on the water. Plus, since harsh chemicals are no longer necessary, you’ll preserve the integrity of your tanks and lines.

To use BacTANK T3, it’s recommended that you start with a clean tank. Once your tank is clean, simply pour 8 to 10 ounces into each toilet and flush. It’s as simple as that. From there, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant smells permeating your tank walls and lines because it starts to work immediately and continues to work until it degrades all the waste. (877-246-2847 // www.bactankt3.com)

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