Simple Decor for Small Houseboat Kitchens

March 2019 Multimedia Jane Willow Web Exclusive

Houseboats, not to be confused with floating homes, aren’t the most common living space, but many agree they provide the best of both worlds: land and water. Like any living quarters, houseboats need the basic facilities, though these are often limited in space, and need a bit of optimizing to really feel yours. Some simple tweaks to your kitchen can take the space from ‘workable’ to ‘wow’.

Combine Fun and Function

With limited space, it can be hard to accommodate the typical design elements you may want for your kitchen. So, get a bit creative; think of your necessary appliances as opportunities to add color and style to your kitchen. Make sure you have a need and purpose for all of the appliances, like the microwave or toaster, and select appliances that both serve their function and are aesthetically pleasing. Appliances come in a variety of designs and styles, so you can use these to tie together the room. Ie, if you’re a fan of retro looks, choose appliances modeled after 50’s accessories, or choose colors that express yourself. This technique can also be applied to the dishes you choose, throw rugs, and anything else that will be present in your home.

Mix and Match Materials

In the same vein as choosing attractive appliances, the surfaces and hardware of your houseboat kitchen can be used as a means to customize the area to your liking. Choose your materials wisely, and you’ll end up with a unique and stunning result. This method of decor is good for small kitchens, because you’re not adding in extra things, but using existing and necessary components as a canvas for your own unique style and preferences. Think of things like metal, wood, and stone; gold, silver, and brass; mattes, satins, and gloss; granite, quartz, and sandstone. Mix and match for a totally customized setting.

Give the Illusion of Space

Speaking of materials like metal and wood, there’s one in particular that can lend an air of spaciousness to your small houseboat kitchen: glass. Glass cabinet doors or glass tabletops can visually expand your space and draw in more light for an illuminated, sparkling appearance. If you’re extra ambitious, glass doors really boost the open feeling of a small space by providing an open view of the outside or neighboring rooms. Strategically placed mirrors can have this effect as well, or you can implement a touch of both if you like. Making sure your area is well-lit will also help with keeping the space from feeling closed off or claustrophobic.

It may be tempting to try to reconstruct a small space entirely, but it’s really not necessary to create a room that you love. By using the existing structure of your kitchen and embracing the small space, it can open up your creativity. This can result in a beautiful and cozy space that is a perfect embodiment of style, and functions just as well as any large-scale design.

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