Sunstar Houseboat Splashes on Lake Shasta

April 2019 Feature By Heather Magda Serrano Web Exclusive

A few weeks ago, Bill Sherman and several other families had the pleasure of splashing their brand new 15 X 56 Sunstar houseboat at Lake Shasta, Cal. The families were very excited to see their houseboat in the water and cannot wait for all the summer fun they’ll have on the houseboat amidst the beautiful backdrop of Lake Shasta.

From the Sunstar factory in Kentucky to California, the boat took 14 days to deliver and then took another two-and-a-half days to put together. Once this was done, they lanuched the boat on the 16 March.

This small group of families has been houseboating together for about 30 years, and this houseboat is the fourth they will have owned together. 

“About every 10 or 15 years we build a new boat and sell our old one so we can upscale,” explained Bill. “We owned our first boat back in the early 80’s. From then to now, we’re still the same group of people involved.”

Together as families and friends, Bill and the rest of the group have shared countless memories and created lasting friendships. The group is very excited about their new Sunstar houseboat and can’t wait to get started with making new memories.

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