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May 2019 Multimedia

Some sports are too specialized to easily find coaching nearby, especially from an eight-time national barefoot waterskiing champion. Zenon Bilas has taken his training expertise online. His personalized web-based coaching program provides youth and adults at all skill levels the tools and support they need to improve their waterskiing, barefooting and wakeboarding.

The cornerstone of the online coaching program is video. Students submit footage and Bilas analyzes it. The focus can range from a general evaluation to working on a specific skill or trick. Returned is a customized regiment based on the performance and the way the student best learns. This can include video and photos of Bilas demonstrating his advice and commenting on the reasoning behind it.

Thanks to innovations in technology, anyone can learn anywhere. Bilas' online approach to coaching is especially appealing to international waterskiers, barefooters and wakeboarders. A great time-saver, it's also a fraction of the cost of in-person custom training.

Parents especially like Bilas' easy-going, yet highly effective approach. A resource of information for families, he has a natural ability to connect with young people. Junior skiers Charity Merriman and Mikey Caruso became world champions under his coaching expertise.

Bilas' coaching is customized to the student's needs. With an eye for detail, not only can he identify technique issues, but can offer advice on issues he sees such as driving, equipment and safety.

"The student puts in all the hard work," Bilas notes. "My responsibility is to help the person achieve the goals they've set for themselves and motivate them to become the best they can." 

Bilas has over 30 years of experience competing, coaching and writing about watersports and he can be reached at 561-433-4554 or zenbilas@bellsouth.net.

Contact Zenon Bilas, 2111 Bermuda Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406. 561-433-4554. zenbilas@bellsouth.netwww.zenonbilas.com.

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