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A new product from Houseboat magazine revolutionizes houseboat vacation

Published in the July 2019 Issue August 2019 Feature Vanessa Oler

As the economy bounces back, more and more Americans are finding room in the budget for a proper vacation. Rather than spending their hard-earned money on overpriced hotels and tourist queues, vacationers are looking for unique experiences – a way for the entire family to make lasting memories.

“Some of our favorite stories have come from families renting houseboats,” exclaims Houseboat magazine Publisher Greg Larsen. “The real lifestyle stories you just can’t find with a Google search.”

Larsen and his team at Houseboat have watched the houseboat rental trend emerge from the wreckage of the 2008 economic crisis. For the 2018 year, the structure of Houseboat magazine even shifted to reflect this growing segment of the houseboat industry, focusing feature-length editorial about family adventures on rental houseboats.

“I can’t get over the amount of history that’s part of the whole canal,” Glenn Staudigel remarked on his annual family houseboat trip through the Erie Canal featured in the April 2018 issue. “You get to see Seneca Falls where the Women’s Movement took place and the factories that supplied soldiers with socks through most of our American wars. The houseboat we rented wasn’t cheap, but the hot tub and the slide off the back were perfect for kids. For a family vacation, you just can’t beat it. When we started this whole thing, my sons were toddlers. Now they are in their early 20s and they still want to do it.”

Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide

The new Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide has two components: a fully-searchable online database that can be accessed through and a digital flipbook inserted into each digital issue of Houseboat magazine.

“We took the two-pronged approach to reach not only our subscribers,” Larsen explains, “but those who find our magazine as their introduction to houseboating. In this new digital age, content is king. But you have to get that content to where the reader is – whether that’s printed and in their mailbox or digitally in the palm of their hand – and make it easy to use. We’ve accomplished that for vacationers interested in houseboating with this new guide.”

Vacationers can search by marina name if they already know where they’re headed. Searching by city, state, or lake is also available for those who want to get inspired by a location before they lock down the details. Users can also refine their search by primary interest: slip rental for a houseboat they already own or renting an entire houseboat. Marinas with destination amenities popular among houseboaters – like restaurants, events, and personal water craft rentals – are also encouraged to jump aboard.

How To Get Involved

Larsen’s team is currently capturing the name, address, phone number, and website for all houseboat rental companies and marinas across the United States and Canada. Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are next on the list.

“We felt strongly about The Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide providing real value to the public right out of the gate,” Larsen adds. “So base-level information for everyone is already loaded on the site and available at no charge. And if you don’t see your marina, give us a call! We’ll get you in.”

Houseboat rental companies and marinas have the option to purchase a featured listing, which includes an entry in the digital flipbook and a more in-depth page on the website. The intuitive, modern design is eye-catching and attractive, showing off the guiding principles behind Houseboat magazine’s recent redesign.

Additionally, the website allows company owners to create a login, manage their own listings, and make changes as necessary throughout the year. The digital flipbook will be updated seasonally, and has the added benefit of being published six times per year with each new issue of Houseboat, instead of just once a year like traditional travel guides.

“We know you’re busy,” Larsen empathizes with marine business owners, “and maybe haven’t put much attention toward your website or marketing. Let us do that for you. We love the houseboating industry and have weathered through thick and thin with manufacturers and marinas over the years. As the industry shifts, we want to make sure no one gets left behind.”

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