Writing Houseboat Advertisements

August 2019 Multimedia Nora Mork Web Exclusive

Making the decision to sell a houseboat is certainly not easy, and once you've decided it may be even harder to write the houseboat for sale advertisement. When writing the advert, it's critical to note that simplicity is key - no one wants to read long rambling paragraphs. That being said, a bare minimum of information is required. People generally already know what they're looking for in a houseboat, and therefore this information needs to be clear in your advert. We've compiled some important tips to keep in mind when writing your houseboat for sale advert.

The description of the houseboat (the bare minimum)

There is a bare minimum of information that most, if not all buyers will want to know when browsing adverts. This includes the brand, the specifications, its age, dimensions and so on.

Your description should be written in a punchy way, as you're essentially "pitching" your houseboat to potential buyers. Describe why your houseboat is special, but also be upfront about any health issues or injuries.

The images and video (important visual aid)

More than the description, the images and video are probably more important for your advert. This is what will draw people in and give them context. If there are no images or they are poor quality, people will move on to a different advert without even reading your well-crafted definition.

Quality is infinitely better than quantity, so don't add poor quality images for the sake of having more images. Make sure they are clear and recent, preferably taken by a professional photographer. Consider the size requirement of different websites to make sure your advert is included on their homepage.

“There are different types of images that you should include in your ad, such as a full boat shot, ideally in a nice setting. You should also have an action shot and a few shots from sides, back, inside and so on” explains Alice Zucker, a business writer at Paper Fellows.

Buyers also appreciate seeing a video of the houseboat and it doesn't have to be long.


The majority of potential buyers will have a specific budget and will want to see the price of the houseboat. If you don't list the price, not only will it put off many buyers, but your advert will also not show up in price range searches. Have a look at similar houseboats for sale in your area to get an idea of then price you should list, but be aware that most buyers will try to negotiate. Pricing too high is one of the main reasons houseboats don't get sold, so if you want to sell your houseboat quickly, keep that in mind. It goes without saying that the more reasonable your price is, the more interest you'll receive.

Hopefully these tips help you write a successful houseboat for sale advertisement and you can proceed with your sale hassle-free.

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