Unique Ways to Furnish and Decorate Your Houseboat

November 2019 Multimedia Lauretta Williams Web Exclusive

If you’re a houseboat owner, you’ll know that it’s quite a task to make your boat interiors both comfortable and stylish. While you can change mooring or location at the drop of a hat, redecorating a small space does require some thought.

But that doesn’t mean your houseboat needs to be minimalist, over-the-top nautical, or boring! For the most part, houseboat interior decorating is no different than decorating a small apartment or home.

Here are some unique ways to furnish and decorate your houseboat, plus everything you need to be aware of before jumping in!

Choose a Theme

The task of furnishing and decorating houseboats is as demanding as that of traditional brick and mortar homes. It becomes more straightforward when you are working with a predetermined theme, ensuring that you do not stray if other ideas begin to cloud your mind.

So, to ensure that you do not end up with a mismatched interior, take time to explore several theme options that are available to you - and definitely get onto Pinterest! For example, do you have a traditional houseboat with original features that would best suit a vintage-style theme? Or, are you set on a contemporary space with bright white walls, light-coloured flooring and pop art prints? Once you have made a decision, this will make it much easier to decide on furniture and furnishings.

Measure Available Space

It sounds obvious, but to fit in all the furniture that you need on your houseboat, you’ll have to measure your available space. Once you have the accurate dimensions, you can begin to acquire items of the right size to improve comfort on the boat you now call home.

There are furniture makers that offer customization options, allowing you to order personalized products for your boathouse. Limited space should not be a barrier to making the boat feel like home.

Beautify walls and floors

Although some people leave the walls and floor of houseboats bare, decorations ensure that it looks and feels like home. A significant decorative element for walls are mirrors, which make small spaces feel larger when placed at strategic spots.

Besides nautical décor ideas, minimalist designs have become universally appealing and would be great for the interiors. Painted walls, as well as floors covered in rugs and runners to make it visually appealing. Porcelain tile walls and marble floors are increasingly becoming popular for bathrooms.

Top tip: It is easy for boats to get wet, hence the need to use durable materials that are water repellant. An outdoor rug made of synthetic materials is a great option that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Accessorize for a More Luxurious Feel

The right accessories really make a home complete! Accentuate your houseboat interiors with decorative (plastic!) vases filled with blooming (fake!) blossoms or vintage-inspired flowers. Potted plants are great options too.

As you are furnishing a small space, consider dual-purpose furniture like an ottoman, which serves as both a chair and a table, or a cushioned storage bench that also doubles as a seat. You can save space with these simple solutions, without sacrificing on comfort and aesthetics.

Top tip: Be careful with breakable decorative items. Remember the boat will move around - even while you’re stationary on the water! You will need to fasten lamps to surfaces and ensure vases are secure. It’s also a good idea to invest in wide-leg furniture as it’s less likely to slide around.

Add Light

Lighting is another essential element of interior design that illuminates the available space. It has a significant impact on moods and can be adjusted accordingly to suit your needs at a particular time.

We’d recommend starting on the deck, as after all, you need to be able to enjoy those beautiful views that turned you into a houseboat owner in the first place! Solar light strings are a great option for the deck, and they’re environmentally friendly too. For inside, an electrician can help you set up lights at strategic points to enhance the ambiance of your boathouse.

Enjoy the View

A piece of reclining furniture is a great addition to any houseboat. The experts at Recliner Life state, “A reclining chair will allow you to relax and enjoy the view and sunlight from your boat, plus they come in small and wall-hugging sizes, ideal for houseboats. Many boat owners choose to get a reclining chair fitted for the helm seat, so they can experience the floating sensation as you sail on peaceful waters.”

Final Thoughts

Investing time in furnishing and decorating your boathouse is rewarding - and will really help make your boat feel like home. Imagine sitting on your beautiful deck as you get to go on amazing tours with friends and family while enjoying the gentle breeze from the water that tempers the heat of the sun. Bliss!


Image Sources: inhabitat.com, camperlife.co via Pinterest, Planete-deco.fr

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