The Pros and Cons of Houseboat Living for Writers

January 2020 Multimedia By Vasy Kafidoff

Every once in a while, we need to take a break. If you are working from 9-to-5 or are enrolled in a university for now and find yourself in a crisis, it’s time to relax and unwind. At Writing Metier we are completely sure that this type of living will allow you to blow off some steam and indulge yourself in an activity that can provide you with peace of mind. However, every individual requires creativity and you get that once your mind is at peace.

For example, Otis Redding, a famous African-American singer once took a break, sat at the bay and wrote a hit song that made him thousands of dollars. What this tells us is how having your mind at ease while sitting in nature’s lap can really do wonders for you. If you are looking for such a peace of mind, you need to consider the option of getting a houseboat.

People nowadays have started investing their money in houseboats as the new standard of living definitely has a lot of positives to offer. It’s true that you get to see the beauty of nature in the most extraordinary manner. However, with numerous benefits a few disadvantages of houseboats come as well.

So, Let’s See the Pros of Getting a Houseboat:

1.      You Can Start Fishing Anytime, Any Day

If learning how to fish was your lifelong dream, getting a houseboat will easily make this dream come true. Whether it is morning or the nighttime, all you need is your fishing equipment and you can set yourself. Living at a houseboat is the perfect way to learn how to fish.

2.      Tour the Nature as Much as You Want To

Of course, when you are living in the lap of nature, you can move around as much as you want. Go wherever you wish to go. Travel till the end of the sea. You are living in a boat and there’s nothing that can stop you from exploring nature.

3.      You Will Enjoy A Lot

Swimming? You can do whatever you want. Being away from the chaos of the city? Done. Pollution? You are free from that. Isolation? You got that right. Pressure at work? None of that either. Owning a houseboat is literally your gateway to fun.

4.      Free from Tax (Now Who Wouldn’t Like That!)

With a houseboat, there is no need to pay any sort of property tax as boathouse falls under pleasant items. All you must do is pay for the DMV.

5.      Cheaper than a Normal House

Well, I know you have been waiting to hear this point. Buying a normal house, in this economy, is surely a difficult and expensive thing as compared to living and owning a houseboat. You require way too many resources when it comes to purchasing a normal. And of course, price wise, houseboats are much cheaper.

6.      Dreams of Becoming a Writer

If you were dreaming of becoming a successful writer or starting your own blog, the houseboat is just the perfect place for that. Imagine how marvelous it is to wake up, look in the window and there is this perfect view on the water, shore, and sunrise. After such morning you will be excited and enthusiastic to do your writings. You may also start a writer's blog on Instagram or Twitter, if you need to contact the world from time to time.

Now, when we have talked about the pros, we need to address the cons as well.

The Cons of Getting a Houseboat:

1.      Getting Attacked by Diseases

When it comes to water, you have to keep in mind that it acts as a breeding point of multiple insects that cause diseases. For instance, malaria-causing mosquitoes are found around water. Additionally, water also carries numerous bacteria-causing germs. Typhoid and cholera are the two main water-borne diseases you can be exposed to while living at a houseboat.

2.      Living in a Houseboat Can Get Expensive

While we mentioned that buying a houseboat is cheaper than a house, the lifestyle it requires can be a little heavy on the pocket. From fuel to the maintenance and of course, the gas for cooking, keep the expenses in mind.

3.      Not Secure and Safe

You might feel a bit scared (rightly so) regarding the chances of being robbed or attacked by animals. Since just a few people choose this lifestyle, you might not be able to find any help.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages and a few, but alarming disadvantages to using houseboats as a lifestyle routine. In the end, the choice and the decision are yours to make. Whatever you choose, make sure it allows you to relax.

About Author: Vasy Kafidoff

Vasy is a writer who loves traveling. He loves to discover new places and spread the knowledge to those who have the same interests as his. By profession, he is an educationist who believes that knowledge is the ultimate wealth of life. He is also a co-founder of Writing Metier.

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