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Throughout history, people have gotten accustomed to living in all climates and on most altitudes. This is why organizing our living spaces to fit our preferences and environmental conditions is a practice that exists for as long as humanity itself.

However, at a certain point in history, people started seeing living spaces as the extensions of their personalities, and not only in the sense that we wanted to furnish our homes with items that reflect it. We now want our homes to be cozy, affordable, and nice to look at, so our choice of a perfect home can become quite personalized.

Living on a houseboat: A dream, or a great responsibility?

Houseboats take this idea even further. Imagine having a home that can follow you wherever you want to go, making you the resident of the most desired and respected parts of any city, and all that at a more affordable price than the traditional housing options?

Although the freedom such a home can bring is undoubtedly attractive, most people still have trouble seeing houseboats as more than just vacation residences at best. However, for the free-spirited and adventurous at heart, these floating homes can be a one-of-a-kind living experience they wouldn’t trade for any other.

Although customizing a houseboat to meet your heart’s desires would surely prove to be fun, there’s a question that needs to be asked about these homes. Taking all the maintenance into an account, are they really affordable and cheaper than other living spaces you can rent or buy? Here’s all you need to know.

Location, location, location

Even though as a houseboat owner you’re free to travel (and live) wherever you may like, you’ll probably want to be at least semi-permanently moored in one place. If you want to live in any of the cities well known for their pricey traditional housing options that are challenging to afford, a houseboat might be just the thing for you.

Londoners have embraced the trend of opting for houseboats rather than houses or apartments, and they’re often happy to share their experiences when it comes to acquiring permits and handling maintenance costs. Although most of the opinions you’ll find online tend to be positive ones, make sure to get familiar with all the duties your new home will require you to do.

How to calculate the costs?

The cost of buying or renting a houseboat and maintaining it to remain a comfortable and safe living space varies, and it depends on several factors: the vessel size and type, how often you’re planning to actively use it, and where you intend to moor it. If you live in the UK, consulting the exhausting houseboat living guides can give you a great head start before you actually make any final decisions.

Living on a floating home is an experience that brings along a lot of pros and cons, and is surely not for everyone. Just to make sure you’re up for this lifestyle change, make sure to take a few essential steps to prepare.


The life of a houseboat owner can be an adventure of a lifetime. If you happen to be able to work remotely or you’re a full-time freelancer, this experience can be even more rewarding for you. Sitting on the deck of your floating home, sipping your favorite drink, and doing your daily proofreading or checking your finances at NSBroker will feel more like having fun than doing the actual work.

However, owning a houseboat requires a bit more than daydreaming, so make sure to weigh in the pros and cons of having such a home. Although the costs of these living spaces often prove to be a lot more affordable than any other housing alternative, you’ll still need to plan this major life change carefully.

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