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Whether you’re only now dipping your feet into the houseboat rental industry or have an established business with existing clients and infrastructure, marketing yourself to attract even more clients is always a good thing. According to Small Biz Genius, over 90% of marketers use digital, online content to approach potential clients and customers, with 72% of marketing professionals reporting that this initiative has improved their prospect engagement rates across the board.

While your houseboat rental business may be popular with local clients and your social circles, reaching a broader audience is a matter of casting a wider digital net and reeling in the catch through engaging marketing content. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can improve your houseboat rental business’ client attraction and subsequently raise your overall revenue in doing so.

Advantages of Following Online Marketing Trends in Houseboat Rental

Let’s briefly tackle the “why” behind online marketing trends before we move on to what you can do for your own business going forward. For better or worse, your houseboat rental business is one of many on the open market.

As such, you are bound to have competitors who partake in their own marketing activities in order to attract clients and rent more boats as a result. However, adhering to current marketing trends which are likely to find an online audience quickly is the way to go when it comes to positioning your business on the market. As such, following online trends can provide several benefits for your houseboat rental business, including the following:

  • Better brand reputation and client awareness
  • Higher website positioning with search engines such as Google and Yahoo
  • Higher quality data about what works and doesn’t work with houseboat rental clients
  • More stable income stream and revenue generation

Blog about your Business

One of the simplest and most intuitive ways to market your houseboat rental business is via blogging. Blogging is a straightforward and appealing way of introducing new clients to what you do, how you do it, and why your business is the best choice for their houseboat needs. If you don’t have a content creator in-house, you can combine writing platforms such as Readable with academic writing services which will help you not only get more clients in the future but also rank better with popular search engines.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Creating a social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is always an effective way of attracting more clients to your business. Social media is beneficial in terms of marketing for several reasons, including your ability to initiate a conversation with clients directly, or the ability to run live events, polls and other exciting marketing activities. Registering your houseboat rental business on social media will ensure that your website and brand name as a whole shows up far more frequently in search engine queries related to your niche as a result of its omnichannel presence.

Representative Visuals Work Wonders

In addition to blogging, the most important part of any houseboat rental business lies in its multimedia. Photos, videos and promotional materials which showcase your boats, marina, staff and satisfied customers can all be integrated into an efficient marketing strategy. The visuals you create can either be integrated into blog posts, houseboat descriptions and then further elaborated on or posted on your social media pages, business website and other online channels. You can use a logo maker and add your brand’s name to them to make them unique and get additional visibility for your business.

Implement Relevant Keywords

When it comes to the technical optimization of your content for online marketing, you can implement simple SEO techniques to do so. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of rules and guidelines managed by Google which dictates how individual links and websites will rank on different search engines. You can refer to tools such as Google AdWords, in addition to checking out a writing review of Topessaywriting to ensure the best quality for your marketing content. By introducing keywords related to your niche, such as “houseboat rental” or “boat rental service”, you will be able to position your business better with potential clients in search of houseboats to rent.

Gather Reviews and Testimonials

Given the nature of houseboat rental and the logistics of doing so, potential clients will always want to hear about success stories prior to reaching out to you. As such, you can use existing clients and business partners in your marketing campaign in the form of quotes, reviews and testimonials about their experience with your brand. This social proof content will allow you to build credibility with future clients and open the door for even more satisfied clients to step forward and share their thoughts about your houseboats and services for the sake of marketing.

Follow Up on your Clients

Lastly, any comment or message you receive online, whether it be through social media, email or website, should be addressed in a timely manner. Potential clients and interested parties who cannot afford to drive to your office or marina and take a closer look at your houseboats in person will undoubtedly have questions and concerns in need of answering. Be proactive and engage both future and existing clients via online channels and they will assuredly have positive things to say about your business to their social circles, further expanding your houseboat’s rental marketing reach.

In Conclusion

Marketing your houseboats to potential clients is all about being transparent and forthcoming about your properties, services and pricing. While search engine optimization will indeed help your website rank better on the web, it is the brand reputation and clients’ experiences you build over time which will speak volumes about your rental business. Write blog posts, create photos and videos and share that content with the world via social media and your own website – the right clients will come to you naturally over time.

About the Author

Daniela McVicker is a passionate digital marketer and copywriter. She is interested in everything related to SEO and blogging. Daniela collaborates with local business and top rated paper writing services to provide them with engaging content that helps attract more visitors and build trustworthy relations with clients.

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