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For some individuals living in a tiny space can feel like a nightmare, but many prefer the compact nature of a smaller living area for different reasons. It could be because of affordability, the low maintenance requirement or any other reason. On the other hand, some prefer to live a more thrilling life where they’re always traveling. Their preferred mode of transport could be a car or van, or in this case, a houseboat for those with an interest for sailing out to sea.

Those who have experience living in boathouses know a thing or two about capitalizing on the small living space they have on hand. If you’ve got a taste for living at sea, then we’ve created some solutions for maximizing living in a tiny space.

Design or purchase furniture that closes when not in use

Folding furniture has been popular in homes for quite some time now. It’s not only affordable but also multipurpose which makes it an effective addition to any living space. Not all of us can spend on a home that offers an expanse area for us to stack anything we want, especially when living in a boathouse. This is where folding furniture can truly lend a generous helping hand.

Boathouses normally don’t have a lot of room for a large dining table, which is why folding tables are incredibly convenient to keep in storage. You can find a variety of styles in the market with plenty of sustainable options available as well, so you don’t need to rely on plastic tables. Most folding tables come with chairs too, which you can pack up and store to create extra space for whatever purpose you need.

Other options include folding beds, sofas, carpets, and many more which you can install in your boathouse according to your home’s comfort and functionality. Furthermore, folding furniture requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned. For instance, if you’ve purchased a folding carpet and need a carpet care professional to give it a thorough cleaning, you can simply do a local search for the keyword carpet cleaning Putney and you’ll find a list of reputable options.

Use a condensed color palette to make the space appear bigger

For an optimum effect, use lighter and softer color combinations to make your rooms look bigger and more inviting. Living in a compact or congested living space can feel uncomfortable, but if you play around with a few design concepts you can make the interior of your boathouse seem quite spacious.

Pair your color palette with smart lighting and you can easily fool the eye to make your living room seem bigger than its original size. The point about light-colored walls and ceilings is that they make the room feel airier and when coupled with the natural light it maximizes the effect. Boathouse occupants can paint their wall trimmings a lighter shade than the walls which makes the walls seem pushed further back. You’ll be amazed by how much of a significant difference this small addition can make.

Install headboards in the bedroom(s) for maximum storage

Living in a condensed space means making use of whatever is available. A boathouse can offer only so much to work with, but when you’ve got a clear picture of how to manage space and its functionality, it becomes easier.

Headboards are a great addition to a bedroom that has little to no space for a cupboard, let alone a bookshelf. In a small space you need to use your utilities smartly, which means any additions you make must double as a storage solution. If you have any vertical space behind your bed it can be innovatively used to eliminate clutter and make room for bedroom necessities. The addition of a headboard right next to your bed is a convenient way to set up a small library within arm’s reach and can even act as a shelf for you to keep your phone or laptop when they’re not in use.

Face the best view

Most boathouses are designed with large windows so they can allow in maximum natural light and wind. It’s best to utilize the rooms that are blessed with natural light so the room feels open and lively. Capitalize on the natural light entering through the windows and place your furniture facing the light so the space is well-ventilated and airy. If there are any empty corners, you can add in a plant or a small table to make it a breakfast nook. With the right décor and setting, you can make the best of your living situation while you’re out at sea.

Use custom built-ins

When you’re running on low space and storage areas, getting creative and economical can go a long way. Think of solutions that can serve multipurpose so you’re able to reuse it for different things. Customized built-ins are an effective way to create space and make a room look bigger. You can install shelves under staircases or create a bookcase in the wall. Once you consider the space you’re working with and what looks good, you can have a carpenter add in some extra shelves in any room to create extra space for books, pictures, potted plants, shoes, cutlery, etc.

Get creative and make some alterations to your living area to make it cozy and functional so you never run out of space. When you have sufficient space to work with it makes it easier to make renovations or switch up the setting every now and then, to elevate the appearance of your home.

Wrapping Up

Life at sea definitely comes with its own set of delights, but your home still needs to be comfy and living-worthy. Test out the above-mentioned ideas to transform your vintage boathouse into a modern and functional living space. You can give it a bohemian touch and enjoy the marina lifestyle that comes with a breath-taking view. Ultimately, this is all you need to make your space warm and inviting without having to put a hole in your budget.

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