March 2020 Multimedia Jane Willow

The first step to owning an eco-friendly houseboat is to start with the right size engine. If your boat’s engine requires going full throttle to achieve the desired speed, this may indicate that your engine is too small. In addition, the emissions and the level of fuel consumption may be higher than the average use. For this reason, switch to a four-stroke engine, which is easy to use and less wasteful in the long run. 

Natural Products & UV Cleaning 

Let’s face it: you fill your houseboat’s water tank when the opportunity arises — even when you’re unsure of how safe the source may be. However, one bad fill-up can result in billions of microbes multiplying in your tank. There is no residual disinfection in the water to inactivate micro bacteria that may survive. This means that the UV purifier in your tank should be located as close as possible to the point-of-use to reduce the risk of contaminating the plumbing system. Not to mention, there are tons of non-toxic household items such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda to help you tackle the everyday boat cleaning chores. 

Clean Onboard Power

Electricity is an essential need onboard as it provides the ability to power the accessories needed for comfortable travel. But with the mission to reduce fuel consumption, solar panels are a great eco-solution to this problem. You can place solar panels on the roof and connect them to the deep cycle marine battery systems below deck. As a result, your solar panels will be able to power everything used on board. 

Recycle Where Possible

Recycling is the most obvious, yet under-appreciated method to living eco-friendly. Whether you’re living on land or at sea, make an effort to do more. There are plenty of batteries used on boats these days, from the AAA batteries that operate your remote to the deep-cycle batteries that run your systems. All of which can be hazardous to the environment when not disposed correctly. Make sure to do so at the nearest recycling center or as if your dock recycles old boating materials.  

Owning a houseboat is a big responsibility and caring for your home in a way that is environmentally-friendly is the best way to show it. Consider these tips when you take your houseboat to the next eco level. 

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